Kailasa Giri Visakhapatnam

The queen among the many tourist spots in the city, picturesque hill with an enchanting panoramic sea view, overlooking the sea Kailasa giri is located on a hilltop and is a must to visiting place for all people visiting Vishakhapatnam is one of the most popular spots for picnicking. It is the prominent hill top parks on the East Coast. The hill park, which covers 350 acres of land, is an exciting landscape garden of enchanting flora and tropical trees.

With the seven different beautiful view points to enjoy the serene atomosphere and scenic beauty this hilltop park has developed as an attractive picnic spot. Greenery and Fresh Breeze from one side and the beautiful hills round there give a pleasant feeling.

Shiva Parvathi Statue, top the hill stands tall at a height of 40 ft the major attraction of the park. Shanku Chakra Naama, Floral Clock,J ungle Trails, Food Courts, 7 Wonders of Vizag, Shiva Temple, Titanic View Point, Shanti Ashram, View Points, Art Gallery, Road Train, Gliding Base Point, Children Play Park, Conference Hall, Telescopic Point are the important and tourist attracting spot of Kailasagiri.

Attracting huge crowds by an artistic impression on the lush green patches on the backdrop of the Shiva Parvathi statue floral clock one of the biggest of India with a diameter of 10 ft.
Kailasagiri is a favorite location among the filmmakers all over India. Developed by TTD & VUDA, the Shanku Chakra Naama symbolizes the image of Lord Vishnu in its pristine form up to 40 mts high is one of the beautiful sights on the hill top garden. The Ropeway third route to the Kailasagiri hilltop starts from Appughar to Kailasagiri.

The toy train operating at the top of this hill top park is one more new attraction of the hilltop park. Garden is viewed through this train takes a circular tour of this at the hill top. Journey of 20 minutes duration in this train where compartments are fitted with transparent glass at the top (roof ) and at side, costs Rs 40/- for adult and Rs 30 for kids below the age of 10 years. Within the compartments clear view is available from any location. Tickets are issued at the platform and seat number is allotted at the time of buying the ticket. The compartments became hot during noon time because of hot sun rays passing through the transparent roof. Winter it will be comfortable. Take a seat at left side if possible.

Park Features

* Shiva Parvathi Statue
* Shanku Chakra Naama
* Titanic View Point
* Jungle Trails
* 7 Wonders of Vizag
* Shiva Temple
* Shanti Ashram
* Floral Clock
* Landscape Gardens / View Points
* Road Train
* Gliding Base Point
* Children Play Park
* Art Gallery
* Conference Hall
* Telescopic Point
* Food Courts

The Kailagiri Passenger Rope Way gives a perfect glimpse of entire Visakhapatnam city. Special packages for School and College Groups are available.