Katiki Waterfalls Near Araku Valley ,Visakhapatnam

The green-capped valleys of the Eastern Ghats in Araku and the neighbouring places in all its regal splendour have wooed not just visitors from across India but many foreign tourists as well.

The region has witnessed a surge of 17 per cent on the total tourist inflow during the year 2007-08, according to figures of Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation.

The tourist movement in Araku has been phenomenal this season with Borra Caves receiving 1,13,745 visitors last December, the highest recorded so far. The previous high was 75,269 visitors in November 2006.

This Water Fall Is located in Araku Valley Near Visakapatnam ,Andhra Pradesh, India

The place where this waterfalls was located is called Katiki and hence the name Katiki waterfalls to it. So to reach the Katiki waterfalls we have to climb down the very steepy hill. One step you make a mistake, the other step you will find yourself into the valley. Everystep we have to make should be a very careful step.

It was the Nature's canvas with a silky touch spread all over from a height of 50 feet.Itseems this Katiki waterfall has its source at the Gosthani river. Just at the foot of the waterfall there is a pool kind of space in which the people were getting themselves soaked.

katiki water falls. From Main Tar road, we will have to take a left which is very narrow mud road, for around 2 – 3kms. I really wondered, how the drivers will manage, if a vehicle comes in opposite way. Anyways, After so long journey in narrow path in mountain, we reached a point, from where we will had to do trekking for 1km to reach waterfalls and these waterfalls flow from height of around 300 mts.