Poorna Market Visakhapatnam

The 70-year-old Sardar Vallabhai Patel Market, popularly known as Poorna market, observed a complete bandh on Tuesday. Poorna Market is a very popular and big market in Visakhapatnam,A.P,India. It takes 15-20 minutes to reach this market by auto-rickshaw from R.T.C.complex. There are also penty of government buses available to this market. This is a open market,where you can get anything you name it. This market is always packed with customers. This market is famous for all kinds of spices,fruits, grocery items, vegetables and house hold items. Here rates are very cheap when compared to the other retile shops. Poorna Market is a livelihood for many street vendors and hawkers here. Many families depend on this market and leading their livelihood.The retile shop owners purchase required items in bulk here for their shops.Once you enter this market,it is very difficult to come outside. There are numerous shops selling various items. You can also bargain or negotiate .I know this market since my childhood. Though many generations gone,many new developments occurred,many costly departmental stores raised, yet the demand for this poorna market is as it is. No single shop could effect this market. This market has seen many generations.