Talapulamma ( Talupulamma ) Thalli Lova - Tuni ,Visakhapatnam

The famous Talupulamma Thalli temple is located in near Tuni in Andhra Pradesh. The diety is also known as known as Talapulamma ( Talapu means Thought in telugu).

The temple is located on the hill between DARAKONDA and TEEGAKONDA at lova village. The diety is said to be Swayambhu. The idol on the top with yellow complexion is installed while below that are swaymabhu (Center one is Talapulamma Thalli and to the right is Potha Raju swamy).

The village where the temple is located is known as Talapulamma Lova.

The temple is closed by 6PM and no one stays there after that.