Tourism In Vizag

Tour to Vizag The port city with lovely beaches along the Bay of Bengal - Vizag has become a vivacious holiday resort. Vizag as it is often referred to as is situated on the eastern coast of India in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Hotels and leisure facilities have played a key role in the increased influx of tourists in Vizag. Today besides being renowned for its shipbuilding industry and oil refineries the beaches beckon a large number of tourists.


The port of Vizag is a major landmark. The sight of the ships anchored in the harbor and container ships is simply put amazing. Then there is the largest shipbuilding yard of India at Gandhigram in Vizag that happens to be a prime attraction for the tourists. Cargo-vessels, naval ships and passenger liners are all built here. This experience of the shipping yard is a distinctive feature offered by Vizag unlike other holiday destinations in India.

Tour to Vizag The ship building yard and the port channel of Vizag are best viewed from the Ross Hill. The Ross Hill that has been named after a Monsieur Ross is the highest point in Vizag. A chapel, mosque and a temple add to the attraction on the Hill. Similarly the scenic spot of Kailashgiri offers the most breathtakingly beautiful view of the Vizag beach. From the amazing array of beaches at Vizag the Ramakrishna Beach and the Lawson's Bay are the loveliest. Your visit to Vizag will be incomplete without the stroll at the sunset or sunrise at these beaches. Make the most of your holiday at Vizag, simply sip the coconut water and be cool.


For the nature lovers the rocky ridge with a projection into the sea at the Dolphin's Nose is a major draw. The ships in the Bay of Bengal are directed from this lighthouse at Vizag. The Caltex Oil Refinery, VUDA Park, MCV Museum and the zoo are the other places worth visiting on your holiday at Vizag. For shopping the famous fish market is the best bet. There is an amazing variety of fresh fish catch that is available. For gift items and souvenirs you may pick up the delicately and skillfully carved softwood toys.


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