Minicoy Island Tourism

Located to the south of Lakshadweep, the Minicoy island encompasses a total population of 9495. Popularly referred to as the female island, the Minicoy island boasts of rich historical legacies and cultural traditions that has percolated from the bygone golden era to the modern times.

Believed to be the descendants of the deep blue sea, the local population of the Minicoy island comprise mostly of the Muslim community who speak the Mahl language. The traditional occupation of fishing in the Arabian Sea forms the backbone of the economy of the region.

The Minicoy island comprise of ten exotic villages which represent the rich biodiversity of the region. Endowed with natural scenic beauty, the villages are governed by the strict administrative structure which are led by a Bodukaka (big brother) who represents the menfolk and a Bodudatha (big sister) who rerpresent the womenfolk of the region.

The villages of the Minicoy island are noted for the ordered social and political structure that reflects the administrative skills of the local people of the island. The villages has a separate place for public bath of men and women respectively, religious monuments, graveyards and a place for punishment.

The semilunar shaped island of Minicoy has a vast reserve of the unique flora and fauna of the region. The nothern extension of the Minicoy island is called Viringili or the Small Pox island. This part of the island derived its name from the fact that the patients affected with the deadly disease of small pox were kept in Viringili for proper medical care.

Reflecting the rich indigenous traditions, the local people of the Minicoy Island, celebrate their festivals with much pomp and show. The colorful and attractive folk dances of Dandi, Lava, Fuli, Bandiya and Thaara reflects the culture of the Minicoy island.


The most important attraction on Minicoy island has been same for more than the last 100 years. Built in 1885 by the British, the magnificent lighthouse has become a symbol of pride for Minicoy. It is one of the oldest surviving structures in entire Lakshadweep. Climb till the topmost platform on the lighthouse from where you can get mesmerizing views of the unending sea and the lush green Minicoy islands. The light house is still functional and shows path to all the ships passing by.

For tourists, there is nothing better in Minicoy than shopping. From the moment you enter Minicoy you will know that people of Minicoy love colors. One of the hobbies of the people here is to craft woods and paint them in the most vibrant colors. They prove to be a great memorabilia to take back home. Also indulge in snorkeling, which is unbelievably refreshing and rewarding in the long and shallow lagoons here. Sea walking barefoot is not a viable option as the sea bed is rocky and rugged.

Tourist Information

For accommodation, there is a 20 bedded Minicoy Resort that is among the most well organized government resorts in Lakshadweep islands. It is situated on the southern side of the island, close to the lighthouse. Every cottage has an open to sky bathroom with a coral laid floors. The arrangement for food is maid on the courtyard at the entrance itself. Although you are served food according to their choices but if wish to taste the Minicoy specialty, then you have to give an advance notice. The Lakshadweep tourism also organizes traditional Minicoy Bandiya and Lava dances.

Minicoy can be visited with Lakshadweep Tourism's Swaying Palms and Coral Reef packages. For commuting inside Minicoy, there are tempos which are the only means of transportation on the island.

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