Papikondalu Tour Guide

Go in a Group with min 6 to 15 people. Its a long trip, If you are a group of at least 6 people, you can enjoy the trip. Go during the right time, just after the monsoon. Best time to visit in October to January. Engage a vehicle for your own/Reserver the boat prior.

Bhadrachalam by your convenient way of traveling. The Boats will start from 8.30 A.M. In a Season (Good Water Level in Godavari), The Trip starts for the Kunavaram. In summer the water level went to low, so they start the trip from Pochavaram.

To reach Kunavaram or Pochavaram you have to travel by cab or RTC bus. I suggest take a cab and be there at 9.00 A.M. You will meet some guys in Badrachalam asking “Sir, Tickets for Papikondalu Boat Trip, Sir Tickets…” You can take the tickets at them or you can also take tickets in Kunavaram or Pochavaram Boat starting point.

humidity will be high, so keep napkins with you. Keep water bottle, snaks with you. In Boat they will provide Snacks, Cool Drinks and Lunch. But I suggest you to keep some food with you. They give you local made, duplicate cool drink. and small quantity of snacks, which is not enough for us.

will see some cautions like “Drinking is not allowed in the Boat”. But you can drink freely, because “Chaltha hain!” No restrictions on smoking.

You will see around 20 boats at one place.

Don’t prefer “Godavari” named boat, because its goes too slowly, because they prepare food for 2, 3 boats in this boat. Mainly! They use river water in cooking.

The boat went 40km on the stream and reached Papikondalu. The View of Sand shores, mountains and river between them was fascinating.

The Boat stops at Perentappali, for a temple visit and refreshment at a natural spring. Here you can purchase the bamboo made flowers and house toys.

Here on hill small water falls is there, climb the hill, take a bath. Boat operator tells before leaving the boat that “here boat will stay for only 1hr”. No problem! The boat will go no where. You can take 30 minutes more.

Some boat operators arrange lunch here, some of them arranges in Ramavaram. Boat takes “U” Turn in Ramavaram village and return back to our starting point.

will see bamboo huts in bank sand of Godavari. If you want to stay here; you can stay by paying 600/- per head per 24hrs. They will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner with non-veg.

In Night they starts camp fire in Ramavaram, you can enjoy by drinking, dancing, singing and playing with the other tourists in the sand. Trekking, Hunting, Fishing, Swimming and boating is available here. Plan to stay for min 2 days.

If you want to drink tody (palmwine or Kallu{Telugu}). This is available in this village. Once you pay the boat fare, and traveled to Ramavaram and changed your mind and stayed in Ramavaram. No problem, Boat operator will take you in when you return, without taking any fare.

Taking a digital camera along with you? So keep sufficient batteries with you. No batteries will available in the journey.

Before planning your trip: contacts you need
1. Omar - 9441132744 (Boat Reservation)
2. Mr.Srinivas – 9440082627, 9490942788
3. Global Tourism Promotions: 094411 32744, 098662 05766, 099856 99249, 09483 17897. Special packages, customized and groups, to Papikondalu, Bhadrachalam, River Godavari Cruise at very economical rates, organized in very professional manner. They can be contacted on 9440082627, 9490942788, 04024190145