Vypin Island Tourism

It’s an island in Ernakulam district of Kerala. It was formed in the year 1341 after a heavy flood. It has a credit to itself – the island which has the highest density of population in the world. You can get here by road, by boat from Fort Cochin and Kochi mainland. A bridge built in 2005 connects Vypin to the main land.Cherai Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Kerala borders the northern end of Vypin Island. There is a newly constructed walkway and several shops and restaurants. It’s a famous tourist spot. A brief 5-km drive will take you to the Pallipuram Fort, one of the first forts to be built by the Europeans in Kerala. A little further is Kottayil Kovilakam, where a Jewish synagogue, a church, a temple and a mosque co-exist in peaceful communal harmony in the same compound.

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