Zanskar Tourism

Northern Most Part Of J&K
Altitude: 9,000m
Also Known As: The Moonland, Little Tibet, The Last Shangri La
Significance: The Remotest Region Of India.

The most secluded of all the trans Himalayan valleys, Zanskar lies about 20 km south of Rangdum, at an altitude ranging from 3500 m to 7000 m above sea level. Zanskar, with its tri-armed valley system, is situated between the Great Himalayan Range and the Zanskar mountain. The region is inhabited mainly by the Buddhist population. Zanskar remains inaccessible for nearly 8 months a year due to heavy snowfall. Therefore, the months between June to September are considered best to visit Zanskar.

Adventure Sports


Trekking attracts a huge number of adventure lovers to Zanskar. The actual craze of trekking at Zanskar starts with the opening of the motorable road at Kargil (from the beginning of July to the end of October). Chadar Ice Trek route along with the trek routes over the Pentse La, routes to the Singge La, Umasi La, Shingo La and Phitse La and other easy routes from Lamayuru, Leh and Darcha remain open until the middle of October. Zanskar can be seen completely only by trekking through the high rises.

River Rafting

A highly challenging raft on the icy waters of the Zanskar River, is a thrilling adventure which takes you through one of the most breathtaking gorges of the world.

Major Attractions

Penzila Pass

This 4200 metre high pass separates Zanskar from the Suru valley and other parts of Ladakh. Different forms of vegetation with medicinal powers, can be seen during summer, and Brown Bear is the most common mammal found at Penzila Pass. The pass also provides an excellent camping ground for trekkers. It remains closed from October to April due to heavy snowfall.

Zanskar River

This is the famous river that nourishes the whole valley. It offers wonderful opportunities for adventure sports and a unique ecosystem for the distinctive vegetation.


Located about 8 km from Padum, Karsha is visited for its renowned monastery. It also has a small market, school, dispensary, and post and telegraph facilities.

How To Reach

By Air: The nearest airports are at Srinagar and Leh, from where one needs to hire a taxi to reach Zanskar.

By Road: J&K SRTC buses, A-Class or Super-Deluxe buses or taxis are the means of communication from Kargil, Srinagar and Leh.

Where To Put Up
One can find comfortable accommodation in tourist complexes, budget hotels, camping sites or even in monasteries at Zanskar.

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