Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

Ten kilometres northeast of the Usgao Tisk village in north Goa lies the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary. One of the smallest preserves in Goa, it covers an area of merely 8 square kilometres. Animals such as the black-faced langur, Indian bison, jackal and wild boar are commonly found here. Various species of deer are can also be spotted. Besides being home to animals, this preserve is also a treat for bird watchers and butterfly spotters.

This sanctuary also boasts of a tiny zoo, although nowadays the zoo is not very well maintained and number of animals too has decreased. However, elephant rides are still offered at this park. You can even go on a deer safari through the sanctuary. After having ventured out into the preserve, you can come and relax at the botanical garden within the premises of the sanctuary. A small Nature Education Centre has also been established. This Centre is generally used for viewing educational wildlife videos.

The Forest Department has set up tourist cottages at the entrance of the preserve to facilitate accommodation to those wanting to spend a night or two with nature. These cottages are ordinary but well maintained. There is also a restaurant that provides simple, tasty food. It is advisable to book the cottages in advance, especially if you are planning your visit on a weekend or public holiday. The sanctuary remains closed on Thursdays.