Warangal Tourist Attractions

Warangal is very popular for its Tourist Attractions. There is a never ending list for Tourist Attractions in Warangal in Andhra Pradesh in India.

Tourist Attractions attractions in Warangal.

All of these Warangal Tourist Attractions in Andhra Pradesh in India are the center of attractions of the Warangal that makes this Warangal in Andhra Pradesh as one of the top tourist cities of India.

Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary In Warangal

Eturnagaram wildlife sanctuary in Warangal is famous across the world for its teak woods and various kinds of animals, such as tiger, wolf, and black buck etc. the people who love nature’s beauty, it is the first place to visit. Eturnagaram wild life

Govindarajula Gutta In Warangal

Warangal is built by the Kakatiya rulers which became the capital in twelfth century. The city is full of beautiful Warangal tourist attractions. The Warangal is also known as Oruguallu, there are people who call it Omtikonda because of its history.

Padmakshi Temple In Warangal

Padmakshi temple in Warangal was built in the twelfth century. The primary deity of this temple is Padmakshi. Annakonda pillar is great tourist attraction in Warangal. The pillar is four faced and every face is extremely good to watch

Pakhal Lake In Warangal

Pakhal Lake in Warangal is very beautiful place for tourists to enjoy their vacation. It is a manmade lake built on a branch of River Krishna nearby city Warangal. It’s been said that Pakhal Lake in Warangal was built in 13th century through Kakatiya

Pembarti Village In Warangal

The Warangal is not only known for its beautiful temples, gardens, sculptures but for it brass works too. It’s been said that brass was used here when even people did no know how more about iron. Pembarti Village in Warangal is known for its bras

Ramappa Temple In Warangal

Ramappa Temple in Warangal is one hundred thirty kms away from Hyderabad. The Warangal is hot tourist destination because of its marvelous lakes, temples wildlife sanctuaries and forts. The Ramappa Temple in Warangal is situated at Palampet which