Borra Caves Visakhapatnam

At a distance of around 92km from Vishakapatnam, you can find Borra Caves. These are the caves which are around 1400meters above sea level. These caves were discovered by a geological surveyor in 1807. These caves are actually formed by the constant pressure that the river water have applied on the rocks of the caves and they get dissolved, slowly but surely and that’s how these caves are in front of you.

When you will decide to visit the caves, you must endeavor to go deep in them as there you will find some attractions of real treat. Fro instance, you will come across Shivalingam and you will find a cow`s idol over Shivalingam. The cow is supposed to be names as Kamdhenu. The cow is not an ordinary one as it has a great significance of its own. The river Gosthani that flows from here is supposed to be originated from the udder of the idol of this cow. These are things that make whole of your journey a worthwhile as you will come across several such things which you will certainly find out of ordinary.

The architecture of the caves is something that will mesmerize you. There are a lot of things inside the caves that you would love to watch again and again, also, there are quite a few lamps which are used for illumination in the cave and that is one of the reason that you will get an amazing and exotic feel when you would be visiting these caves. Also, when you would think on the lines that the caves are formed out of natural process then you will literally don’t believe on your eyes. You can also find some other buildings in the caves to visit, for instance, you will come across a mosques and temples. Along with such things you will also come across a Lingam that you can find inside the cave. The lingam is the symbol that Hindu use to worship and that is associated with their God Shiva. This formation is actually created by the calcium carbonate deposit. However, that certainly is one thing that the religious people would love to pay a visit.

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