Nearest Visiting Places In Papikondalu River Cruise Tourism

Papikondalu known as Papi Hills is a Heaven on the earth. Papikondalu or Papi Hills or Papidi Kondalu is part of Eastern Ghats through which Godavari pierces and flows in twists and turns towards east. Entire area of Papikondalu is covered by tropical rain forests and deciduous rain forests. Some of the most interesting places in the world like Papikondalu; this place is interesting by virtue of inherent popularity and growing tourism. Coming from a rich historical country like India, there is also no dearth of interesting tourist sites. Papikondalu is an adventures trip.

Bhadrachalam Rama Temple

Bhadrachalam is a famous temple dedicated to " Lord Sree Sita Raamachandra Swamy Temple" and situated on the banks of sacred river Godavari. This temple was constructed by greate devotee of SriRaama Goapanna Tasildar of Bhadrachalam. It was constructed on a hill called Bhadragiri hence this tpwn was named as Bhadrachalam.

Parnaslala Located 35 Km from the town Bhadrachalam. According to legend Lord Sri Rama spent some of his 14 yaers exile at this location in a hut called " Parnasala". The locals believe that Sitha Devi bathed in the stream (called "sita vaagu") here and dried her cloths on "Radhagutta" where the imprints are seen even today. The demon king "Ravana" Parked his "Pushpaka" on the hillock on the opposite side of the river and adducted her. Here one can also see the location where Laxmana brother of Raama cut the ear and nose of the Surpanaka sister of Raavana. So at this place every on used to through three stones on that location. So it is called as Surpanaka Gutta. The picturesque around the Parnasala kuteer display some of the scenes of Vanavasa could be seen at parnasala.

This Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary is located 12-km from Paloncha. It is ideally set on the bank of Godavari River and creates a part of Dandakaranya forests in Khammam district. Stretching over an area of 635.4-sq km, the Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary received its name and identity from the river Kinnerasani. Being in this wildlife sanctuary you can truly bask in exotic species of fauna and flora. In the. Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary one can find animals, birds and dangerous reptiles Python, Cobra, Kraite and Vipers then Kinnerasani Lake is an ideal place. However, there are other main attractions also which can be seen in the sanctuary. These attractions are; Deer Park, Kinnerasani Dam and Reservoir with Jaladrushyam Guest house.

Sabari-Godavari Sangamam
River Sabari merges with River Godavari at Kunavaram located 50KM from Bhadrachalam. Because of merging of sabari with Godavari , it forms a corner shape land called as Kona in Telugu. So this place is called a Kunavaram. Water depth in Godavari is good from this place so boats to Papikondalu starts from here or near places.

Sangameswara Swami Temple

Spatika Linga Shivalayam situated at Sabari Godavari Sangamam in Kunavaram. The Shiva Linga in this temple is very rare Shiva Lingam which is a sencond one in India. The picture of Sabari Godavari Sangamam ,traveling of river Godavari between greenery hills from this place is really good.

Srirama giri
Sriramagiri Located 60Km from he holy town Bhadrachalam. The locals believe that it is the exact location where Lord SriRaama killed the Golden deer mosaic Maricha. One can see the blood of the Maricha and foot prints of Lord Sriraama on the rocks of bank of Godavari. The Raama temple at this place is really a beatifull place. It is located on a high hill. Watching river Godavari from this temple is really a wonderfull picture.


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