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Kasauli - Himachal Pradesh
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Location Himachal Pradesh
Best Time To Go April To November
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Kasauli, unlike other popular hill stations such as Shimla and kullu, is a quiet town. It is ideal for people who want to spend a holiday in the midst of green hills and untouched natural beauty. If you are a solitude lover or an artist, it has everything you could want, scenic beauty, serenity and warm, friendly people. If you wish to take a tour to this enchanting hill station then you can inquire more about the hill station and the cost of traveling to Kasauli, from Hill Resorts in India, which is a major Tour Operator in the country.


Kasauli is about 20 kms from Barog and 60 kms from Chandigarh. Kasauli was also developed by the British, just as Shimla was. It is at a height of 6500 feet, making it a very delightful hill station for summers.
Tours to Kasauli


In the 17th century, many Rajput families from Rewari (present day Haryana) took refuge in the lower Himalayas after fleeing their homes. They finally settled down in a village, named Kasul. Now, we know this small village as Kasauli, and it is no longer just a tiny village but rather one of the popular hill stations in India.

Though now we know present day Kasauli as a quiet little hill station, things were different before. This region fell under the Gorkha expansion plans. But later, the Gurkha surrendered the Sabathu Fort (one can take a tour to Sabathu and still see this fort), after which it was turned into a recovering or nursing home for British Nationals.

Another strange event took place in 1857, the Kasauli guard soldiers, about eight of them set out to join the revolt by the Gurkha regiment, after hearing of their revolt against the British. Unfortunately the British got to the Gurkha regiment first, and forced them into submission, and promised them amnesty.Tours to Sanawar Fially, the Kasauli guards were left with no way out, and were severely punished by the British.

After hearing all this, it is quite hard to believe that it is the same Kasauli, that saw such chaos and political disturbance, but then Nature is never cruel, it remains the same. It is people who change and wage wars, destroying not only societies and civilizations but also the Nature and its beautiful creatures.

Kasauli-Sites to Visit

If you wish to see the beautiful blessings of Nature, then Kasauli is just the place for you. It has great vantage points, waterfalls and lush green hills.

If you are on a tour to Kasauli, you might want to head to Monkey point, which is a great vantage point. It is the highest point in Kasauli and is merely 4 kms from the Kasauli bus stand. The Monkey point offers a breath-taking view of the river Satluj and the plains of the Chandigarh region. You may also pay a visit to a temple dedicated to lord Hanuman, which is situated on top of the hill. It is believed by some, that when Lord Hanuman was coming back after getting the 'sanjeevani herb' for Laxman, Lord Ram's brother, Hanuman's foot touched the hill and this is why the top of the hill resembles the shape of a foot.

Another place that you might visit is Sanawar, which is merely 6 kms from Kasauli. There you can visit the Lawrence school, which is more than a hundred years old and was started by Sir Henry Lawrence. You may also pay a visit to Nahari Devi temple and see the beautiful waterfall it overlooks.

If you are in Dharampur for a tour, then you can take a diversion road from there and after 15 kms you'd find yourself in Sabathu. Sabathu stands at an altitude of 1,437 meters and is a little cantonment town. There you can see the Gurkha Fort, which was built in the early 19th century. Kasauli has two roads that run along its length, the upper Mall and the lower Mall. The traffic on these roads is restricted, so you can explore the hill station on foot and enjoy the fresh air. The roads are bordered by beautiful chir pines, Himalayan Oaks and horse chestnus trees, making the walk even more enjoyable.

There is also the Anglican Church, which is one of the major landmarks of Kasauli.it is beautiful structure with inspired by gothic architecture. It has gothic arches, spires and beautiful stained glass windows.

There are a number of Tibetan stalls, which sell woolen wear but one has to bargain a bit. You can also get little souvenirs and gift items made of wood.
Kasauli- Reaching there

Hotels in Kasauli The nearest airport from Kasauli is in Chandigarh. The nearest Railhead is in kalaka, which is 40 kms away from kasauli. Kasauli can easily be reached by road. One can either take a bus, or hire a cab.

Kasauli-Best time to stay

Though there is really no bad time to take a tour to Kasauli. The hill resort can be quite cold in winters, so if you cannot stand too much of cold, then try visiting from April to November. In the summers it offers a perfect summer retreat from the hot summer sun of the plains. If you are planning to take tour in winters then, do not forget to bring along some heavy woolen clothing and if its summer holiday you are looking forward to, simply get some cotton wear and a light jacket.

Kasauli-Where to stay

There are many private hotels in Kasauli that visitors to the hill station can choose from, depending on their budget and the facilities they are looking for. There is a PWD rest house and also a HPTDC run Hotel Ros Common, which is a favorite among tourists.

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