Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary Goa

Travel 60 kilometres south of Panaji to arrive at the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, which was established in 1969. The second largest sanctuary in Goa, it covers of an area 86 square kilometres. The Talpona River flows through this preserve.

The number of animals in this sanctuary has decreased over the years but one still comes across sloth bears, hyenas, wild boars, deer and gaurs.Reptiles and monkeys are in plentiful. However, birds like the white-eyed eagle, rufous woodpecker and the MalaBars crested eagle that are not easily spotted in Goa, can be found here. This sanctuary will also please a true tree lover.

The park has a 25 metre high treetop watchtower from where one can watch the animals visit the waterholes around the place. However, you will need your own vehicle to visit the sanctuary as no vehicles are provided by the forest department to take you around.

A day trip is good enough to visit this sanctuary but if you want to spend some more time with nature, you can always stay at the Forest Rest House. However, there is only room available at the rest house, so the booking has to be done well in advance. You can also book tents on the spot at the Nature Interpretation Centre, at the entrance to the park. Although the accommodation is taken care of, you might want to carry your own food and drinks, as these facilities are not easily available here.

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