Paderu is in same hill belt popular for its cool weather and greenery. It is a small hill town like Araku valley located in the same tribal belt. Paderu is a Mandal headquarter inside Visakhapatnam district.

  How to reach Paderu
 Paderu is connected by road only. From Visakhapatnam it is 120 KM. Unlike Araku this small hill station does not have any rail connectivity. Nearest railway station is Anakapalli in main Howrah – Chennai rail line. Other side Araku railway station is 42 KM from Paderu. The main road connection is from Anakapalli via Chodavaram and Vaddadi.

 If you are travelling from Visakhapatnam then travel south to Anakapalli on NH 5. Take a right turn to enter Anakapali at bypass junction. Inside Anakapalli travel towards railway station and after crossing railway station travel 500 meters and then take right turn to cross the railway track and join road going towards Chodavaram. Anakapalli to Chodavaram is 16 KM. From Chodavaram travel straight to Vaddadi. (14 KM ). From Vaddadi Junction Paderu is 47 KM. The last 30 KM before Paderu is hill road where most of the time you will be climbing through hair pin bend road. This is the best part of the total journey for the nature lovers. Before 12 Km from Paderu there is a temple known as Modamamba Ammavari Padamulu. This is the top most point of the hill road. It will take 3 hours to cover 124 KM distance to reach Paderu from Visakhapatnam ( Via Anakapalli – Chodavaram – Vaddadi ). From Paderu you can travel to Araku ( 42 KM ) and return to Visakhapatnam. Visakhapatnam – Paderu – Araku and return to Visakhapatnam can be done in a single day but most of the time you will be travelling. Total distance will be 285 KM

Paderu is a hill town popular for its tribal products and coffee plantation. There are only couple of standard budget hotels available at main market of Paderu. No resort or any luxury type accommodation is available at Paderu. Restaurants are also few and all facilities are available around RTC complex.

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