Araku valley, an amazing hill station, one of unfathomable valley in India lures the tourists with its breathtaking landscapes and pleasant  weather. Lush green forest, musical notes of waterfalls makes the journey more lively, located 115 km from Vizag, Andra Pradesh and close to Orissa border. Altitude is 1300 m above the sea level and valley spreads around 36 km. The drive on the Ghat road to Araku valley is entirely lined with thick forest on either side, climbing 4500 ft and sliding down to 3000 ft of valley which makes the trip very thrilling and trekking. More than 40 tunnels and number of bridges are on the way welcomes the tourists warmly. Dark shade and presence of sodium lamp inside the tunnel do their magic on travelers. The ascent up to the hill is gradual, provides enough Waterfalls, Orchards, gardens and forests are immense and incomparable beauties of this valley. Great place to relax and unwind from mundane tensions of everyday life. The heavenly vistas of this profound valley can be seen from various viewpoints and will remain etched in memories ever and forever. Araku valley is settlement of  tribal.  Dimsa, Mayur tribal dance, rich culturals, colorful attires and pleasing songs attracts environmentalists and nature lovers.

                                    TOURIST PLACES IN ARAKU

Araku Museum: It is a charming, red-roofed bungalow and one of the heritage museum of habitat, provides a glimpse of tribal life styles.  It preserves traits of original tradition, culture, fine arts of primitive tribes of India. It depicts portrays of daily life of tribal and sculptures are more realistic. The tribe weapons, chunky silver jewels are very ornate and elegant. Tribal arts and craft center is filled with rich workshop of artisans. Handicrafts made of bamboo, cane, terracotta and leather are worth to buy.  It is good to carry some souvenir to home.

Padmapuram Gardens: It is a botanical garden, built in 1942 on a 26-acre plot, appealing with wonderful collection of flowers, plants and trees. The serene atmosphere and numerous hefty trees makes this garden unique. Hanging cottage is the top most attraction. One can feel the swing along with these tree top cottage which are 10 feet above the ground. The scenic beauty is enjoyed by the toy train which starts from the garden entrance.

Tyda Park: It is an environment friendly park, located 75 km from Vizag and well equipped for trekking. It is an ideal place for bird watching. There are always guides and naturalists available who explains the identification calls, language of jungle and nature of plants and trees. It is developed with fantastic camping facilities at jungle bells which provides extra-ordinary and enchanting wilderness experience.  It houses many species of hares and avifauna. It is excellent place for rock climbing and shooting with bow and arrow.

Rishikonda Beach: One of the most beautiful beaches of Andra Pradesh. It is a suitable place for water sports. For water skiers and wind surfers Rishikonda beach is the ideal destination and perfect place for swimmers It is located 8 km from Vizag. One can enjoy variety of sea foods and local facial massages. Ramakrishna beach is very close to this place.

Hawa Pahaad: The highest point of Araku valley, located 1400 meters above sea level. It was once the battlefield of Orissa kings and Andra Pradesh fought and retained it. The lilac mountains and hazy mist are offers tremendous picturesque views. The weather is pleasant and invigorating. This completes the ascend of Araku valley hills.

Others: Anantagiri hills, Borra caves, Shimliguda are other famous tourist destinations near to Araku valley. There are many waterfalls like Katiki, Sangda and Dumbriguda. Famous for Bheemunipatnam beach   Many villages nearby Araku valley contains ancient temples and worth to visit.

                                       HOW TO REACH ARAKU

By Air: The nearest Airport is Vishakapatnam Airport, located 112 km from Araku valley.

By Train: Train journey is best choice as many unexplored sites of Araku valley can be enjoyed. Araku station is located 136 km from Vizag.

By Road: There are several bus services available from Vizag to Araku Valley. An excursion trip is conducted from Vizag everyday.

Weather: Average temperature ranges from 18°c to  26°C. Due to proximity rainfall is extensive on monsoon seasons. The best time to plan a visit if from March and October. 

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