Palakkad Wildlife

Silent Valley National Park (40 km from Mannarghat):
Main attractions: Elephants, tigers, wild boars, flying squirrels, lion tailed macaques and king cobras.

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

Main attractions:


Mammals: Bonnet macaques, lion, tailed macaques, Nilgiri langurs, loris, tigers, lwopards, jungle cats, mongoose, focen, bears, elephants, gaurs, Nilgiri tahrs, spotted deer, sambar, barking deer, wild boars, pangolins etc.

Reptiles: Crocodiles, varanur pond terrapins, cane trutiles, geckoes, skunks, chameleons, snakes like king cobras, spectacled cobras, kraits, vipers, pythons, green keel backs, rat snakes, vine snakes.

: Arals, brals, vatudis, thilopias, noovis, mooshus, poochittis, kollotties, exypriuses, tarals, mahaseer etc. Capped kingfisher, great Indian bombills, broad billed rollers, back woodpeckers.

Flora: Neem, nanjanathi, sandal, dendrocalamus and bamboosa arundinacea, teak, vengal, muzhukanjiram, maruthu, vaka, mulluvenga, rosewood, manjakadambu pala, elavu, vembu, aval, vanteak… A gaint teak, 40 m high and 6.4 m in girth and apthy named kannimaram the first tree, stands as a monuments of the past.

Trekking trails: Dhoni, Seethakundu and Govindamalai hills.

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