Kalingapatnam Beach - Visakhapatnam

Kalingapatnam is 30 km south-east of Srikakulam.Kalingapatnam was an ancient seaport and was inhabited by European merchants during the rule of the East India Company.

Kalingapatnam Beach is a major tourist destination in Srikakulam District. A light house and a Buddhist Stupa are the other interesting sites at Kalingapatnam.

Kalingapatnam Beach is among the most popular tourist destinations of Andhra Pradesh. It is located in Kalingapatnam of the Srikakulam District in Andhra Pradesh. A light house and the Buddhist Stupa are the main attraction of this beach. The scenic beauty of the beach attracts many international as well as Indian tourist to this spot every year. The Kalingapatnam Beach was also an important sea port in the ancient times and was frequented by many European traders and merchants.

The Kalingapatnam Beach has been recognized by the State Government as an important site for promoting tourism in Andhra Pradesh. Thus many private entrepreneurs are being encouraged to invest here. Concessions and incentives have been announced for these entrepreneurs to encourage the development of beach resorts in Kalingapatnam Beach.

Many European merchants even resided here during the regime of the East India Company. Previously, ships from Malaysia and Singapore used to come here. Perfumes, textiles and other goods were exported from this port before it was closed during the British rule in India.

Since the roads here end in the bed of the sea shore so the Kalingapatnam Beach is also referred to as the Open Road Sea. This is the place where river Vamsadhara meets the Bay of Bengal.The view created by sand, sea and the sky is charming and beautiful.

You can visit Kalingapatnam Beach of Andhra Pradesh for a weekend trip and also enjoy the sea foods available here.

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