MGM Selvee Water World Visakhapatnam

This is a must visit for those visiting the place with kids. With numerous joy ride and gardens, MGM Selvee World will be huge hit with the younger crowd.

A popular amusement park, MGM Selvee World has bumper cars (Super Cars), the Titanic, which is a ship shaped train on rails, a helicopter on a circular orbit and the Elephant Jet. Rides for older children include Ferris Wheels, Senior Ship, Big Hammer, Flying Crocodile and more. The pool with three water slides is a big attraction here. The lawns at the entrance can be hired for weddings, get-togethers, parties and other events.

Tickets / Timings MGM Selvee Water World:

MGM Selvee World is open 365 days every year for visitors. Any day is a fun day at park. You can spend your entire day with us easily.

Timings: to
(During the holiday season we open at

Megafun Ticket:
Entry + Free Rides + Entry to Water Park.
Adult: Rs.125/-
Child: Rs.80/-

Regular Ticket:
Entry + Free Rides
Adult: Rs.110/-
Child: Rs.65/-


MGM Selvee World offers a fun combination of carefully selected rides from across the world. We have something for everyone. High adrenaline for the young and young at heart, just- for- fun-rides to suit simple adventure seekers and giggly kiddy rides for the little ones.

The rides listed below are free (once) with the entry ticket. We also have many more video games, gaming machines, fun games at the park which you can enjoy at a pay-for-use basis.

Adult Rides in MGM Selvee Water World:
Ferris wheel
Ferris wheel
Super Car
Dragon Coaster
Dream Tower
Space loop
Titanic Ship
Giant Wheel
Senior Ship

Kids Rides in MGM Selvee Water World:

Cup & Saucer
Elephant Jet
Merry Go Round
Forest Train
Jungle Jeep
Bouncy Fun

Water Park MGM Selvee Water World

Chill out and stay cool at our water park. Water Park has an amazing range of winding slides, big and small in various forms to offer you maximum excitement and thrill.

Slide down and splash into our huge pool that overlooks the sea.

Become a child all over again. Don't miss the chance to meet a million water droplets!

Be sure to come with your swimsuits - in case you forget, don't worry - we have a huge stock of well maintained swim wear for hire. Take a quick shower before you enter the pool and then play as much as you can - safely! Our keen lifeguards and supervisors are always on the look out for your safe enjoyment of the facility.

Restaurant in MGM Selvee Water World

restaurant serves simple but tasty North Indian and South Indian delicacies to all visitors. Tuck in tasty samosas, puffs, noodles, fried rice, chaats, muri mixture ..and beverages after vigourous fun and play at the park. Get re-energized deliciously. You could also book in advance for our catering service if you are visiting as a big group.

The park also plans to open new restaurants that will serve Chinese, Indian, Tandoori and world cuisine soon - for the convenience of guests.

Safety Tips
in MGM Selvee Water World

* Listen to the ride operators. It is their job to keep guests safe. Help them and have fun-safe ride
* Sit back in your seat. Don't stand up and don't leave the ride till it come to a complete stop.
* If the ride has a harness, make sure it fits you correctly. Hold on to the bars or the harness for stability.
* Pay attention to special warnings - you know about your physical condition better than us - if the ride does not allow pregnant women, heart patients and other vulnerable cases - please adhere to the requests. Participate responsibly. You should be in good health to ride safely.

Special Events

Lush green lawns that seem to stretch into the sea make up a large portion of MGM Selvee World. These well maintained lawns along with facilities such as Open Stage, Amphitheatre, Restaurant, Party Huts, Sound Systems, Lights and other necessary infrastructure offer a stunning venue to host special events. There is also a special antique lighthouse area where you could host your event.

Events such as weddings, receptions, parties, corporate events, musical evenings etc have come alive vibrantly at our park thanks to the natural settings and our special mark of service.

Location at MGM Selvee Water World

MGM Selvee World is set in the beautiful golden sands of RK Beach adjacent to Park Hotel at Sripuram, Vizag. You can get to MGM from Sripuram (RTC Complex) in autos which are frequently available.
Bus Routes: No. 900k from the Railway Station
No. 14 and No.210 from Jagadamba Junction.
We have ample parking space for tourist vans, buses, cars and bikes.

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